September 18, 2008

In case you were wondering, I got here!  And I didn’t break my back with that 92 pound (!) suitcase, thank God.  Tomorrow I go to the crisis pregnancy center for the first time and I may be teaching CCD on Saturdays once more kids sign up at the parish next door (Nativity).  I took a walk today but didn’t bring my camera so I can’t show you the neighborhood quite yet.  We have Mass in the chapel here ever Thursday morning so today I learned about how to set up and explored the sacristy.  A few people from the neighborhood come to worship with us.  We try to have two hours of exposition available 6-7am before Morning Prayer and 5-6pm before Evening Prayer.  All the prayer times are optional.   My house mates are wonderful.  One is leaving in two weeks to enter Carmel (pray for her!).   There are two other women besides her living here full-time.  One man will be joining us Saturday, I think, and he’ll be living in the bedroom down stairs.  He might only be living here part-time though and then be at the men’s residence a few nights a week.  Two of the three women from my visit will be moving in within a months time so the house will get busy soon.  I’m planning on going to the Sisters of Life Come and See the last weekend in October (Halloween!, oooOOOOooo).  I’m looking forward to that experience and hope to gain some clarity about the Lord’s path for me from it.

Pray pray pray!

I’ll write again soon.



One Response to “Update”

  1. Marmee said

    Hi sweetie,
    Sounds like you are feeling at home already which makes me happy. I will go to the Post Office and mail to you the few items you discovered that you will need. ANYTHING at all that we can do for you, or send to you…all you have to do is ask and we’ll make it happen. Keep blogging!

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