September 23, 2008

So I met today with the Associate Director to get my ministry schedule worked out. I have a temporary schedule that includes something different every day of the week! But that’s good because I can get a feel for the different ministries then. I will be doing LAMP Cafe which takes food and religious materials to the street. I will be going to a homeless shelter door-to-door to visit and pray with the people there. I will be spending one day at the crisis pregnancy center and on the weekends doing religious ed stuff. Sounds like a lot no? I don’t think it will be. Some days the ministry only take a few hours out of the day and then the rest is free. Plus Mondays are community days and Tuesdays I have off.

I turned in some of my formation “homework assignments” and I guess I’m ahead of the game so I can take it slower on reading Evangelii Nuntiandi and listening to tapes. I suppose that’s the student still in me. Just get it done and out of the way!

LAMP will be sending my information and application to Good Counsel Homes. I’d like the opportunity to work with them and LAMP had been wanting a missionary to be connected with them. I think the Home closest to the Prayer House is still not very close so I wouldn’t be there full-time even if I decided to work/evangelize there. The work they do sounds similar to what the Sisters of Life do at their Visitation Mission. It is a home and refuge for pregnant women and their born children who have made the courageous decision to give life to their unborn children despite difficult circumstances. Good preparation or what! haha. I saw two Sisters of Life walking while I was out walking by the LAMP Center earlier this afternoon and I got all nervous and turned the other way. I think I am still a shy 4 year old at heart.

Yesterday we had a recreation day at Orchard Beach. You didn’t know there was a beach in the Bronx did you? It was beautiful weather and some of us played a game of ultimate Frisbee. I’m pretty terrible
but it was fun. Standing on the wide sidewalk in one direction it looks like a regular little beach but the other side looks like a nature preserve, as in forest and stream, right next to the beach. No palm trees here. 😦 From the shore one of the women pointed out an island where the homeless in NY are buried. It is one of the jobs that well-behaved prisoners get to do. Many years ago LAMP visited them and gave them letters of appreciation from the LAMPlighters (children). I suppose they are rarely thought of. I wonder if they know they are doing a work of mercy?

Tomorrow begins the 40 Days for Life campaign. It is 40 days of prayer and fast to end abortion. Many cities coordinate daily vigils outside local abortion mills. I think I will extend the fast until the election since it’s only 2 extra days and it could make such a difference for the unborn. Let’s pray for Our Lady’s choice to win.

My first day, last Friday, at the crisis pregnancy center was exhausting.  I was surprised how tired I got after just a few hours of it.  It is so stressful though.  It was a providential first day being that it was pretty slow and none of the women who came it were seeking abortion.  I was oriented to the different materials-videos, pamphlets, pregnancy tests, information sheets.  The is a little chapel in the back room where Mass is said occasionally but it doesn’t have th Blessed Sacrament there permanently…yet.  I sat in on two cases and listened to their stories.  One woman, 22, learned she was pregnant for the first time and was actually pretty excited, praise God!  The other, 14, learned she wasn’t but didn’t seem to care either way.  She thought it didn’t matter since she messed up in the the 7th grade and wasn’t in the right high school.  She was open to watching a chastity video which was excellent, I thought at least.  She seemed to be somewhat entertained and thought she’d try the no sex experiment to test if her and her boyfriend had “true love.”  The women on the video challenged the audience of high schoolers to see if their relationship was based on anything more than sex by abstaining.  I hope she perseveres!  She was Catholic too so we talked to her about possibly getting confirmed and back to the Sacraments.

Alright, enough for now.  May Jesus bless you.

Pax amor et lepos in iocando


2 Responses to “Schedule”

  1. Marmee said

    Although I introduced you to the world of Catholicism…if this was a marathon race for the finish line of who is most Catholic (and I know it’s not)you are way, way ahead of me!

  2. Lyd said


    Oh my gosh, I thought the top said Lol, You are my LAMP and I was like ‘Lol? I thought this thing was supposed to be serious. And why is she yelling LAMP?’ But it was just on top of some yellow Guada-bits. It makes a lot more sense now.

    but then I remembered this!:

    AND THIS!:

    Knock Knock.
    Who’s there?
    Jesus who?
    Jesus Christ! Open the door!

    Oh man. So funny.

    You are just a tiny little baby.
    Lyd-Lydders McDooderton.

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