2 weeks and counting…

September 30, 2008

Tomorrow, as well as being the feast of St. Therese of Lisieux, marks two weeks of being here. Time has gone by so quickly. I am reading the Story of a Soul for the first time and it is wonderful. One of the missionaries here left for Carmel and now it is just 4 of us at the Prater House. By sometime in November there will be 7 plus the occasionally visitors/discerners. I cooked dinner for the first time for the house and it turned out pretty good – baked chicken, brown rice with mixed veg. and a salad I spent way too much time on making it look pretty. We have made up sign up lists for cooking, showers, laundry, chores, and adoration – so the house is getting super organized. It is such a privilege to have exposition of the Blessed Sacrament at my disposal. We have a little monstrance that lives in the tabernacle and we open it up a couple times during the day. We try to be agree on times so we don’t end up with a revolving door on Jesus. What else can I tell you? I loved my little 2 person CCD class, hopefully there will be at least one more next week. Tomorrow I go out with LAMP Cafe to bring lunches and rosaries etc. to people on the street. I have more formation homework to do. On Thursday I will be helping with LAMPlighters for the first time. And Friday after the day at the pregnancy center some of us will be going to a Transitus celebration with the Franciscan Friars/Sisters of the Renewal to celebrate the feast of St. Francis. And Sunday starts the youth meetings from the parish next door in the parlor here at the house. We are looking into making it a Dead Theologians Society. AND that’s really all. My ministry schedule may change a little bit in the future once I find out more about the Good Counsel home. Otherwise I am trying to find a balance between prayer, work, and fun.

The 40 days for life march on…

Love and prayers,



2 Responses to “2 weeks and counting…”

  1. Mommee said

    Sounds like you are settling in just fine. I am so happy about that! I can send you some easy recipes if you like. I’m having popcorn for dinner tonight…maybe I should visit you instead! Missing you my sweetheart but am so happy to follow your days on this blog and on the phone. Let me know if I can send you anything.

  2. Mommee said

    I am hungry for more information!

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