Well, you look like a zebra!

October 7, 2008

Those were the words I heard a little girl shout at another when I answered the door this afternoon. As well as enduring racket of the constant flow of traffic of 233rd we also have a heard of lovely school children in the mornings and afternoons milling about from the school next door.

So here’s what I did this last week:

Wednesday – LAMP Cafe – we ran out of all our food pretty quickly and since the schools were out there were more kids than usual wanting rosaries. It felt a little short staffed for all the people and we didn’t get the chance to explain how to pray the rosary or talk to everyone.

Thursday I helped with LAMPlighters – we watched a short video about helping others and made angels out of paper plates in honor of the feasts from earlier this month.  The angels will probably go out with another missionaries Communion calls as gifts.

Friday I think I overdid it helping with too many cases that came in to the pregnancy center. It’s hard to hear that many sad stories and you feel like your repeating yourself over and over since every person has been fed the same lies about love, sex, and the value of human life.  One girl I remember in particular because she denied over and over that she felt a thing about getting another abortion.  Not upset, not scared, not anything.  We tried to show her a video about the emotional consequences that can take years to come up  or aren’t always attributed to an abortion and she watched it standing up and half out the door.  At the end I told her that the women who are happiest take some time to think and then make a decision (she had come in looking for the morning after pill).  She said she’d come back in one or two weeks for another test – praise God – and decide then.  You never really know though what happens to these women.  They may not be pregnant at all and could tell you one thing and do another.  It’s all in God’s hands and we have to be content to just plant seeds without knowing if they’ll bear fruit.  That night we went to the Transitus with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal to celebrate the feast of St. Francis.  I thought it would be a more solemn event but they did a play of his life that actually pretty entertaining.  In between scenes psalms and songs were sung.  At the end they had a relic to venerate and we left candles and intentions in the church.  Fr. Benedict made an appearance too.

On a happy note Saturday’s CCD class went well with my class of 2. We finished reviewing the 7 sacraments and went on to the 10 commandments. They are still struggling with the sign of the cross – doing it backwards and need to practice their prayers. I got free samples of MagnifiKid! (the Magnificat for kids) at the catechetical conference and hope they used them during Mass and read part of it. I’ve gotta plan something with a little more movement since they can’t sit still for that long. Maybe this week we will go in our Church and take a tour.

On Sunday we started our first Dead Theologians Society meeting and 8 young people came!  We talked about Therese of Lisieux.  We’ll know more how it went if any come back in two weeks. This weekend with the youth we are chaperoning them to Catholic Underground. We heard that they don’t really get the importance of Adoration and the reverence it demands – they used to sit in the balcony and eat! Hopefully we can evangelize them a little on this point on the train there. A few of us from the Prayer House went to see a movie in Manhattan called Fireproof after the youth group. We missed the showing we were trying to make so we stopped in at a protestant church – Time Square Church. It was packed but felt a lot like a concert and not, well, Mass. Where’s the part when they “Be still and know that I am God.”? Anyway, we made the later showing and it was a really good Christian movie about marriage, divorce, love, and touched on pornography. I’m glad we could go and support it in the theater. Oh and an interesting thing about this movie theater – I think we took 6 escalators up to reach our theater.

Yesterday was a formation day at the LAMP Center and we had a priest from Boston – Fr. Tom- fly in to talk to us and say Mass. That night I went to Theology on Tap and wasn’t really too thrilled with the speaker. She talked about Catholic and voting but gave a lot of her opinion a not Church teaching. Not that she anything wrong but it just didn’t feel backed up.

This morning I went out to Dr. Emily’s to pray and the Sisters of Life showed up.  Then I took a bus to pray with the Missionaries of Charity who are close by just to make Natalia jealous -hehe- not really but they have exposition all day and welcome people to stop in.  Yay nuns.  Tonight we are going to an evening Mass at Our Lady of the Rosary because – you guessed it – it’s the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary and there will be lots of smells and bells.

Phew! That was a lot to remember – you’re lucky I can’t normally retain that much about my days.

Pray for me as I am for you!

In Jesus – Our Lamp, through Mary – Our Lady of the Rosary,



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