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October 14, 2008

Thanks Marmee for the Mancala game. I got it in the mail today. Oh, and I plan to come home for Thanksgiving. Maybe Wednesday – Saturday?

Today I visited the Corpus Christi Dominican Monastery to pray. I suppose it’s becoming a little hobby of mine to find adoration chapels near by. The Sister’s chapel faced the public chapel with 3 double doors and the Monstrance was way way up in the wall with glass on both sides. Very neat. I got to pray Midmorning prayer and a rosary with them.

Tomorrow, the feast of Sr. Teresa of Avila, a former LAMP Missionary will enter the Carmelites in Buffalo and I have just a twinge of jealousy. Really, I’m so happy for her. Even though we were only here for a couple weeks together I really grew to like her presence.

We took the youth from Nativity to Catholic Underground on Saturday and they enjoyed themselves except for our praying on the train together and talking to them about reverence. They are so self-conscious! Earlier on Saturday was CCD and we talked a little about Halloween and how it’s not the devil’s day. “The devil doesn’t get a day.” I told them. “He doesn’t deserve it.”

Friday at the pregnancy center I lost it a little bit and started crying after this young woman left. I hadn’t gotten too emotional about everything yet but it was bound to happen. Hopefully next week will not be as rough.

Thursday I went to the shelters and we had a long visit with a woman and her 2 y/o who was Seventh Day Adventist. He was the cutest little guy. She had a broken knee and couldn’t get to church because she can’t hold her son’s hand and walk with crutches and the church vans that come by don’t have car seats for the little one. She was a very positive person and you could tell she came from a good family.

Wednesday I went out with the LAMP cafe and some of us went to a bible study later that night at Holy Rosary given by the pastor. He is doing the study on the letters of St. Paul in honor of the year of St. Paul. I felt like I learned a lot and plan on going back tomorrow. We will be doing 2 Thessalonians. It is a really active solid parish. They even have a parish evangelizing team (including a deacon) that goes door-to-door in their district! How very LAMP of them. And each time I’ve been, which isn’t very many, they pray for the unborn. So good things are happening there and I’m glad it’s close by. Speaking of which, I DROVE there! :O Not as terrifying as I imagined it to be but still a little crazy. If people wouldn’t double park in the middle of the road it wouldn’t be so bad. I’m still not brave enough to face the highways with 0 merge lanes.

A new missionary comes Thursday for a year! Yay, we will be 5 in our house.




2 Responses to “little glimpses for your reading pleasure”

  1. Mommee said

    You seem to be settling in – I am hoping there are happy silly times for you as well. Such a serious little bird you are.
    Are you lonely? I am. But I am also happy for you if this feels right for you. I am very very happy you will be home soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. If you are driving in NY you should call the Division of Motor Vehicles and see about getting a NY Drivers License – is the car insured? Questions, questions….same old Marmee. :0) Also – Did you receive your mail-in ballott? We did.

  2. Mommee said

    I have a new prepaid # for you to use as needed – 813-748-9662. The other phone number was turned in today and won’t get to me any longer. When I get a new work # I’ll share with you. This prepaid phone has limited minutes so talk quickly! :0) Or better, call me at home and gab with me for hours!

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