October 26, 2008

Things are getting pretty busy around the house. We are now 5 and seem to be constantly going to the grocery store. November 1st and 8th bring 2 more and then we should be a happy family at least to the end of August next year.

I’ll be home for Thanksgiving the Wednesday before to the Sunday following. The ticket price is just outrageous but I just wasn’t thinking since I’ve never flown during the holidays.

My CCD kids were too cute yesterday. All 3 came which was a miracle. We sang songs about the fruit of Holy Spirit and started a little project. At the end of class I told them I wouldn’t see them the next two Saturdays but will be giving their sub some material. I’ll be with the Sisters of Life on a Come and See retreat this coming Thursday through Sunday in Connecticut. Please pray for me. And the following Saturday I’ll actually be back up at their center in CT for crisis pregnancy counseling training. Anyway, at the end of class during our closing prayer I asked if they wanted to pray for anything or anyone and all 3 of said something about me having a safe trip and doing good and coming back soon.  Aren’t they sweet?

Friday at the crisis pregnancy center ended well too with a 17 year old couple coming in for information about STD testing and leaving in tears planning on going to confession and Mass this weekend.  All I was going to do was give them a phone number of a clinic but God had other plans and somehow touched them both through conversations with all the staff and prayer in our chapel.

Those are the highlights.  Oh, and the new missionary is wonderful to have around.  She is around my age too.  We are planning on going to the huge Macy’s in Manhattan tomorrow since we don’t have a community meeting.  It’s apparently the size of a city block, several stories high, and has a whole floor of women’s shoes.  We might also go to a museum. There are a few I’d like to visit.

I’ll update again after my retreat!




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  1. Marmee said

    So…any luck with the shoe shopping?
    Did you find a good museum?
    Were you near Central park and changing colors?
    Tell me everything my darling.
    Your kiddos sound wonderful and I’m so happy you have someone your age in the house.
    Missing you always…Marm

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