2 weeks! yipes! I’m a terrible updater…

November 16, 2008

So, as you can tell things have gotten busy.  We are 7 in our cozy home but soon to be 6.  Yet another is leaving for the convent in a few days – either a Carmel in Philadelphia or the Sisters of Bethlehem.  I think she’ll be deciding soon.  We are waiting to hear from another lady who may be joining us sometime this year.

Today we have a youth meeting at the house after the 12:30 Mass.  It’s a planning/ideas meeting.  I hope they open up and tell us what they’d like to get from these meetings.  Next week I start visiting Good Counsel on Wednesdays.

I have been working on a banner for Advent.  I realize it’s not for two weeks but I’m excited.  Since we can’t burn candles in the house except in the chapel during Mass I thought we could have a felt Advent wreathe complete with reusable tiny felt flames.  I must say, it’s a masterpiece.  🙂  Pictures to come soon, once I find my camera.

What else has happened these past two weeks?

It’s warmish.  Which is weird, so they say, for this time of year.  I haven’t had to break out the coat in a while.

Obama won and that fact combined with the weird weather and Our Lady in Medjugorje must mean the end is coming soon.

I’m almost done with my orientation materials – 2 more tapes left to listen to!  Woo!

I think that’s all.  I’ll be home soon!


One Response to “2 weeks! yipes! I’m a terrible updater…”

  1. Mom said

    You’re kidding…right?
    The end is coming soon because a warm front blew through?!!!
    Now, I agree that the Obama victory possibly sets our mutual goals back in a sad way – unless our checks and balances can keep his intents checked which is what I’m praying for.
    I sent you a pic in e-mail.
    Emma home soon now – yahoo!

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