Happy Advent!

December 14, 2008

So, I’m a terrible updater and it just looks like since I’m such a busy body I won’t be updating as often as I’d like.

Soon I’ll be home again for Christmas. I think I have finally got a permanent schedule going so that is a relief. It is nice to know what I will be doing each day. Monday, I trade in my Formation Crucifix for the oh-so-official LAMP Mission Crucifix. yay. I am half-way through my final orientation review paper which marks the end of my orientation. I’m going to try and finish it tomorrow since I can’t stand being tardy for anything ever.

I am now at the crisis pregnancy twice a week, visiting a different shelter in Manhattan, and not going out with the Cafe.

Today I grossed out my little CCD class with the story of St. Lucy’s eyeballs. They were fabulously disgusted and intrigued, wanting to know exactly how it was done and began hypothesizing.

Tomorrow I will be springing a chastity video on the youth group – thank you Pam Stenzel. Hopefully that will get some good conversation going. Last week the guys did a great job decorating the outside of the church in the freezing weather while the ladies huddled inside.

Any other news? Our newsletter is being sent out this week. Let me know if you’d like one. It only comes out twice a year.

Have a holly jolly Christmas! And don’t forget the “reason
for the season.” šŸ˜‰



2 Responses to “Happy Advent!”

  1. Deb said

    More Updates please!!!

  2. Lyd-Lydders said

    You’re a church mouse!

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