Yes, I realize it’s been over 3 weeks… thank you very much :)

January 25, 2009

So! I am back in the Bronx with lots to say. I spent a couple nights at my house-mate’s parents home in Warwick before returning to our blessed Prayer House as not to be all alone for a couple nights. It was really sweet to see her little nephews open up their gifts and be all excited about presents and grandma’s house. Her parents were kind enough to drive us back for our first CCD class of the new year.

I really enjoy my tiny class of 2 (sometimes 3). They ask the best questions and are generally interested in the faith. Right now I’m attempting to explain to them what can happen when we receive the Eucharist with faith. They don’t get why it doesn’t smoke and light up or raise people from the dead. If it’s really Jesus – shouldn’t it? At least they understand that It is powerful even if It doesn’t look it.

The crisis pregnancy center twice a week is stressful.  About half the time, which feels like quite a lot, they just don’t care.  They know it’s wrong.  They know they have access to plenty of help.  They can count their blessings, agree that their baby (and yes, they call the fetus a baby) will suffer and know perfectly well that they could die if not in the body than in the soul.  It doesn’t matter to them.  Any cost is worth it to “take it out” or “not be pregnant anymore.”  We pray with them and then they lift their 16 year old faces and ask if we’ll do the abortion for them or tell them where to go.  They have hearts of stone and it’s really sad how much they are suffering from the lies they’ve been fed their whole lives.  That their bodies are what give them value.  That sex belongs to an entire different paradigm than being a mom and having a baby.  That an abortion will somehow make them not a mother anymore or at least not a mother of this baby.  But every now and then you get to experience the Holy Spirit perform a divine heart transplant. “Moreover, I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; and I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.” (Ezekiel 36:26)  It’s a beautiful thing.  I’ve met a few moms who experienced this and they’re so grateful and they love their children and their lives aren’t any easier.  They’re harder, especially if it’s their 5th child and they aren’t yet 30 or married and they live in a shelter and they don’t make enough money and the heat isn’t working, but they chose love and life and it made all the difference.  God knows what He’s doing when he gives these women a child and I trust that and it’s why it kills me when it’s not reason enough for most of them.  I rack my brain and loose my peace over discerning the Lord’s will for me and for them it’s so clear – it’s kicking them! or at least making them throw up in the morning.

Things at Good Counsel are moving slowly.  It’s been a process for the moms to warm up to us.  We have been visiting them one on one but the staff is thinking about us teaching a class instead.

We have a few regulars now at our Saturday class at the family shelter.  If it weren’t for the screwy trains and replacement buses for all the track work I wouldn’t mind the long trip.  We have been stood up a few times when we make the 1 1/2 hour trip to take people to Mass with us.  We are called to be faithful not successful, Mother Teresa said.

Outside of ministry, I have been battling the weather and not so successfully.  The 4 + hour bus trip to DC and back for the March for Life last Thursday as left me with a yucky cold.  It was so great though to see the witness and my friends from UF.  We went with the CFR Friars and Sisters.  Two of the Friars had speakers mounted to their backs and a microphone in hand.  Many songs were sung and friends were made in the crowd.  The weather was a mere 40 degrees and I was overdressed.  Our president did not address the crowd but issued a brief statement – something about how killing is health care and an essential legal right.

I managed somehow to drag myself our of bed the next day a go ice skating with one of my house-mates.  I didn’t fall once but many a child did right in front of me who doesn’t know how to stop.

And, I know, Mom, a couple pictures would top it all off but I must relinquish the computer now.  No time to edit or spell check,  sorry.

I’m already looking forward to our week long retreat post-Easter!


Emma Katie


One Response to “Yes, I realize it’s been over 3 weeks… thank you very much :)”

  1. Marmee said

    Awesome blog!
    Take care my little sniffler..translate that to read I want you to grab your share of Vitamin C daily and plenty of water and rest. Please see Gran Torino – yes there is some rough language and mild violence (nothing too scary) but the story is of redemption of a wizened, dried up old codger and it is a powerful, powerful story. If Clint Eastwood does not earn an Oscar for this I will be shocked! There’s also an adorable character in the movie, a brand spanking new American of Irish descent priest who does a startling job of fairly portraying the priesthood. The church comes out alive and involved – you’ll like that.
    Love you sweetie pie!

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