The LAMP Prayer House

February 11, 2009

I’ve decided to dedicate a post to our little Prayer House.


It’s not so little really…

Since I’ve shared with you about my ministry outside the house, I thought I could share with you about our ministry inside the house.  I’ve gotten to know the house very well in these last 5 months and find many things about it quite endearing.  The 5 of us sat down after dinner a couple days ago to review our Prayer House mission and guidelines.  Here is a quote:

“The LAMP Prayer House has as its mission to live in charity before the Eucharistic Presence of the Lord on behalf of the Church and LAMP Ministries, and to serve the poor through evangelical spiritual support.  The Prayer House receives its meaning and purpose from its consecration to the hearts of Jesus and Mary within the whole service community of LAMP Ministries.”

Jeepers, that sounds like a big deal, doesn’t it?  I was glad to have it brought to my attention again.

And where do we live out this spirit of charity before our Lord? Well, right here:


Morning and Evening Prayer together daily and at least a half-hour of private mental prayer and intercession for our minsitries.  We also have permission to expose the Blessed Sacrament.  This is by far my favorite room in the House.  The women I live with are a joy to be around and will spring up from whatever they’re doing to say a rosary or chaplet together in the chapel like someone just yelled “free ice cream!”

We even keep Jesus checked in on our in/out board:



We also have a picture or statue (or 2) of our blessed mother in just about every room of the house, see the following…


Mostly, Our Lady of Guadalupe – she’s pretty big with LAMP and she’s my favorite : )

She even followed me to the March for Life…


We went with the CFRs.

Mary is even in our creepy damp basement – which is still recovering from a minor flood  :/


So is Jesus:


He’s missing some fingers.

I wasn’t lying about the creepyness:


or wetness.

What else can I share?  Oh, we have some remnants of the Dominican Sisters who lived here before us:


ut unum sint sicut et nos

“That they all may be one” – one of the /i/s is missing and it drives me nuts

Oh AND I don’t know if I’ve raved about this yet but… sinks in each bedroom – very sweet.  I’m not sure when this tradition started in convents but it’s great. Behold:


She even came equipped with a very modest floor-length sink-skirt.

We also share our house with the parish library.  It lives in our sacristy and hasn’t had but a few additions since 1975.


And the parish food pantry:


It has saved a recipe or two in our own kitchen. (with permission of course) And is overflowing with canned green beans from the Thanksgiving drive at the school next door.

Here are a few more endearing features.  At least I think they are and I’m sure I’ll miss them one day.

My tiny cave of a shower:


Our little furry friend traps everywhere:


They are somewhat humane sticky traps and if they ever succeed in accomplishing their purpose (sight yet unseen) I am very thankful for our parish/school/prayer house handyman whose job it is to kill the little guy.

Our paper turkey pinata that we made for thanksgiving and never used.


He lives in the community room.

EDIT: The turkey – along with a 14 pound frozen real turkey that was donated to us- has been bequeathed to the CFRs – Brothers Giuseppe and John Paul when they joined us for dinner last week.

Exercising with cans of beans and Richard:


Random questions shouted through the whole house on the intercom:


And the usual cry of “Hurry up, we’ll miss the train!”

We also make effective use of nightlights ever since I smacked my face into the wall one of my first nights here:


That would be the bottom of said wall…

A few more spaces worthy of noting…

Our tiny kitchen where highly choreographed maneuvers take place most mornings to grab breakfast and head out the door after Mass:


And the site of our future garden that a few of us have been planning and dreaming of all winter:


This type of space is very rare in our concrete neighborhood.

Here is another space I like to use:


That would be a blanket on the floor by our ancient heating system.  I’ve gotten used to the hissing and pounding that comes out of it and actually find it relaxing to sit by the heat in my room.

Now you know the ins and outs of this house too.  The pastor next door likes to remind us that it used to be a BP station before it was a convent but even before that it was owned by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s family.

I’m off now to Good Counsel to start our first bible study there.




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  1. Marmee said

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful blog. For a minute I felt like I was with you! Marm

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