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April 22, 2009

I’m such a busy busy little bee but I wanted to post something this month!  Jeepers, it’s been a while.  I had a birthday and have now blessed this earth grand total of 22 years, 9-ish months, and 4 days.  I’ll be having my ministry schedule remolded soon as my ministry with the CCD kids ends in 2 weeks  (First Communion is May 2nd, praise God!)  and the youth group takes a haiatus for the summer months.  The crisis pregnancy center is also giving me the boot at the end of May because they have many many interns coming for the summer and they’d prefer if I could counsel more than once a week which experience has told me I haven’t the stamina for.

We went on a post-Easter retreat of sorts in Pennsylvania.  I played croquet for the first time – what a ridululous sport.  I was 40 strokes behind everyone else but it was still fun.  Mary (sitting beside me) wants me to mention that I rode the handicap chair lift down the stairs at the retreat center and bothered everyone praying in the chapel.  woops…  And we had a fabulous Easter egg hunt which was scored by several complicated calcuations I came up with based on egg color, number of candies and type of bible verse each egg contained.  The egg-hiders suprised me by adding another rule behind my back.  It resulted in me singing  “head, shoulders, knees, and toes”  in my opera voice complete with hand motions…

I’d love to type all night but this little bee has to bumble off to bed!!

-rejoicing in Jesus-

Emma Kate


One Response to “buzz buzz”

  1. Marmee said

    Ilove that you are keeping this up for me..and for others. Especially on days like today when I tried to connect on the phone but you weren’t near your phone. I miss you and can hardly wait…3 more weeks to go!

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